WhatsApp group for exam runs in Nigeria

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Whatsapp group for exam runs in Nigeria

If you’re looking around for a good WhatsApp group for exam runs in Nigeria where the candidate can have a good interaction with the admin and a free time to ask questions, a link where people don’t piss others by posting unnecessary links, then you’re welcome to relax and read as we tell you why you should stick to our group for the 2022WAEC RUNS, 2022 GCE RUNS, 2022 NECO RUNS.

We also have a telegram link below, but you have to read between lines so you can understand what we have in store for you.

So many students have fallen into the wrong hands, who tells the student how they have done exam runs for students and they pass, by the time you pay money into their hand, you have been duped cos you will not get any answers from them. The better way you can get a legit EXAM runs is to join the right source.

Over years, I and my team have been working hard to see that every candidate that registered under us has full communication with us on WhatsApp, we go as far as sending bulk SMS to our candidates that don’t use smartphones, it actually a lot of stress but it worth it.

How do we work

Nice question, they’re really nothing to hide, because we do this in the favor of our candidates who has really worked hard for their exam and need an extra push. we have a group of team and connection with people who get the question directly from the source and we work on the question and then make sure the question is being solved in three different solutions and we prepare it and send to our candidate 5hrs before the exam. We also make sure we inform our students before the questions are been sent.

How do i subscribe to a subject.

This article will not be listing down payment for each subject, but we are walking you through how we subscribe to a subject. a candidate can subscribe to the whole 9 subjects or if he feels like subscribing to the particular subject, there’s no problem with that. what you must know is that every candidate should subscribe a day before the exam because every subject has its own VIP group if 50 candidates subscribe to chemistry, only those 50 students will be added to a newly created group called “NAIJAEDURUNS CHEMISTRY”, we actually make it easy for our candidate to freely communicate with our admins.

The student who has to subscribe to all the subjects will actually relax and just get their answers as early as possible. note whatever you are doing make sure your phone has a minimum percentage of 80.

the subscription plans will be sent repeatedly in our WhatsApp group and if you’re an SMS user we will send our plans to you. note that we don’t do runs because we want your money, but we want to give you the best, our subscription plan is low. Note our Whatsapp plan is different from our SMS plan, the WhatsApp plan is actually lower than the SMS plan.

Join our whatsapp Group now

Updates & News: WhatsApp Business Update

Our Whatsapp group might change because of the Whatsapp group limit, but we got you we will update this post for a new candidate to join. You can join our group with the link below.

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If you are a candidate, and you don’t have any smartphone that can go on WhatsApp then we got your back, here at Naijaeduruns we make sure we give our students the best.

but may I ask if you don’t have a smartphone how then are you reading this post, oh I understand, don’t you want to take your smartphone into the hall to avoid losing your precious phone, well whatever may be your reasons we will drop our phone number below?

our phone number is 08137768102.

PLEASE call or send messages, make your message very brief, and don’t complicate things. Please don’t flash.


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