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Summary of Life Changer

In this article you will read about Summary of Life Changer , this novel is for candidates that are writing the upcoming utme exam, this is also for a candidate that doesn’t have much time on their side to study the novel well you are in the right article we will be taking you through the summary of this novel, why don’t you read to the end of the article?

The book “Life Changer” written by Khadija A. Jalli is the JAMB novel for 2021 UTME/DE Candidates. Regardless of the course, you are applying to study and the mode of the examination, all candidates will be tested on this new book. Candidates are to note that about 15 to 35 questions will likely come from the recommended compulsory novel in the use of English exam questions.

About the book.

The story follows the escapades of Salma and her roommates in the university as a swim in the turbulent and seamy tides of the academia.

The Life Changer is Khadija Abubakar Jalli’s first publication and she seems to be saying that the female voice is making a rebound on the parapet of the African literary scene.

About the author.

Khadija holds a B.Sc (Ed) Mathematics degree. She is an entrepreneur and CEO of She’s Boutique Afrique. Khadija Abubakar Jalli is married with children.

The Life Changer is Khadija Abubakar Jalli’s first publication and she seems to be saying that the female voice is making a rebound on the parapet of the African literary scene.

Rundown Of The Book Life Changer: Chapter By Chapter

Section 1

A group of six anticipates the appearance of Mr. Esquire. While they pause, Bint gives a record of her study hall experience with her meddling Social examinations educator, Mallam Salihu, who is referred to go about like he discovered a smidgen more about each subject as he will regularly pose inquiries outside the topic of conversation. Bint describes how she really took care of a comparable event leaving the educator puzzled by the cheering and laugher of different understudies.

Ummi is consistently glad for her girl, especially, Bint’s canny way to deal with issues and she participates in the conversation just before Omar euphorically reports his admission to contemplate law at the Ahmadu Bello University. As the family assemble to observe Omar’s prosperity, Omar brags of his accomplishment and invests wholeheartedly in exclusively defeating assessment challenges and a few other section methods while looking for the confirmation. Ummi perceives her child’s naivety and attempts to edify him about the extraordinary capacity of college affirmation.

Ummi discloses to her youngsters how her affirmation changed her.

Section 2

Twenty years prior, Ummi acquires induction into the college and gets hitched to her better half even before she begins her enrollment. Ummi enlightens them regarding the opportunity and the lighthearted existence of understudies in the college, the trouble in recognizing instructors and understudies with females dressing practically bare, and how a few resources are needed to be on clothing standards. Ummi further reveals her involvement in Salma, a complex youngster.

Salma goes for her enrollment a lot later than every other person however communicates inconvenience and disturbance about the postponement in the enlistment interaction. Salma is investigated by a youngster on the line and he constantly connects with her in a conversation yet Salma proceeds to censure and overgeneralize her assessments about speakers. Salma doesn’t just make comparability among addresses and cops as characters that can be paid off, she likewise brags about her capacity to win the speaker’s approval in the event that she gives him as low as a few thousand nairas. Accidentally to Salma and to the shock of everybody on the line, the young fellow she has been talking with is the instructor responsible for the enrollment system.

Ummi continues to her departmental enrollment and she is coordinated to the HOD’s office. The HOD is seen trading charming merriments with Ummi which she finds rather discomforting and unseemly. Ummi expects the HOD is attempting to making a pass at her. She uncertainly figures out how to oblige this until she is given her registration number and leaves the workplace bothered and furious. On returning home, Ummi reveals to her better half about her involvement with the HOD’s office yet she is surprised to find out about the companionship and affinity between her significant other and Dr. Sam John.

Section 3

Ummi recounts the account of ‘the calm one’, a kid named Talle. Talle is brought forth after numerous long periods of youngster purposelessness and his introduction to the world causes the passing of his mom. He grows up having a quiet character and getting significantly more hesitant with the demise of his dad and stepmother, accordingly, ‘the tranquil one’ was an ideal depiction.

Talle is viewed as a decent individual by the resident and incapable to cause hurt. Be that as it may, Talle required cash at a point and trusts in Zaki who proposed kidnapping a kid and mentioning for a payoff. The arrangement is executed by the team and Talle limits the kid in his home. Talle goes to the market for his staple goods however his standard solicitation for food things is multiplied. Before long, the market lady sees an adjustment of his bigger solicitation for goods and reports the issue to the District head­­. While Talle is being investigated by the District head, police officers rampaged the royal residence and capture Talle as a suspect for abducting and blackmail. Talle and Zaki are ultimately condemned to certain long periods of detainment.

Section 4

This part gives a further record of Salma’s wonder and pretentiousness. Salma goes to Dr. Debo, the level facilitator, to have her structures marked. Tragically, Dr. Debo loses dash of his numerous long stretches of order and makes propels towards Salma. Salma presumptuously excuses his endeavor and further put-downs him prior to leaving the workplace. Dabo is left in a condition of disappointment and he repentantly goes to be vindicated from the effect of what he has made.

Salma finishes her threatening enrollment and moves into a room involved by three different young ladies. At first, Salma doesn’t care for seeing her roomies however ultimately, they start to become enamored with one another and structure a closeness they see as sisterhood.

On a loyal evening, Salma is offered a ride in a Mercedes Benz by two men, Habib and his driver, Labaran. She slides in realizing it is hazardous and she arrogantly plots a plan to decrease Habib’s solicitation to date her on the off chance that he ultimately proposes.

Declining a man that rides Benz is Salma’s method of updating her norm and getting acknowledgment and regard from her associates and the whole college.

Section 5

In this section, it is found that Salma gives Habib Tomiwa’s portable line all things being equal, and unconscious to Habib, he calls Tomiwa to go out on the town with him. Tomiwa is interested about Habib and chooses to go out on a prearranged meet-up yet in the end uncovers the switch in versatile lines. Habib likes her still and shops for her and her flat mates. He additionally gives Tomiwa some cash for herself and her roomies. She is thrilled and her flat mates partook in this joy. From the start, Salma upsets against Tomiwa’s endorsement of Habib and blames her for being a chameleon. Ada and Ngozi intercede yet the issue raises. They before long go to a condition of serenity when somebody thumps at the entryway. They would prefer not to need to impart their parcels to different neighbors.

In the interim, Salma and flat mates keep on dominating in their different divisions and plan for General examinations papers.

Section 6

Salma discovers Moral way of thinking extremely troublesome. She, notwithstanding, plans by rehearsing past questions and noting them random. Tragically, Salma can’t respond to any of the inquiries during the assessment as none of the points for which she goes through the entire evening planning for had come out. She settle into enjoying assessment misbehavior. Kola gives answers to a portion of the inquiries in a note as she duplicates them into her answer booklet. Lamentably, she is gotten by a female instructor.

Salma is constrained to fill the Examination Malpractice (EMAL) structure and she is guided to the HOD’s office. He moves her case to the Exams and Ethics board of trustees for additional preparing. Salma and Kola are ousted from there on.

Section 7

Salma goes to Habib to help her impact the panel by utilizing his situation as a legislator. Habib offers to include Dr Debo however because of her past experience with the speaker, she decreases this idea and proffers paying off. Habib offers to give Salma some measure of cash to pay off the administrator of the Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC) yet consequently, she should reimburse in kind. Salma is hesitant to acknowledge this offer in light of her undertaking with Labaran and she considers it unmerited to engage in extramarital relations with her companion’s man. Salma before long yields to his solicitation however unfortunately she gives the cash to Dr Kabir, who professes to be the executive of the EMEC. She before long discovers she has been misdirected by Dr kabir who was neither the administrator nor an individual from the Committee. She is debilitated and separates.

Section 8

This part uncovers the genuine character of Mohammed Kabir, a research facility technologist utilized by the University. He has been nicknamed Doctor since auxiliary school and has consistently been alluded to as Dr Kabir.

Labaran finds Salma has been played by the card shark and illuminates Habib proposing Zaki be reached to deal with the circumstance. Respectable Habib is distrustful about including Zaki inferable from his disappointment in the primary mission of kidnapping Alhaji Adamu’s child. Habib respects Labaran’s idea and reached Zaki to trail Kabir.

Kabir is spotted at a betting spot. Kabir dominates the match at the betting spot and leaves to try not to lose everything. Tragically, he is followed by hooligans whose mission is to recover Kabir’s successes. Zaki finds Kabir as he is being assaulted by the hooligans. Zaki strikes the hooligans and deals with the circumstance as they escape. He at that point focuses on Kabir, gathers the cash, and left him wounded.

Ummi likewise reveals to her kids how Salma changed her shameless ways. Salma gets genuine and respectable after the demise of her dad and in view of her degree of reality Ummi permits Salma to become companions with her.

Section 9

Ummi additionally uncovers Salim angry involvement in cell phones. Salim admits to Lawal about a young lady he meets via online media. After a few trade of pictures, talks, and warmth Salim visits Natasha as per her inclination. Unwittingly to him that he is being deceived by Natasha, he leaves on an excursion to see her late in the evening. On his appearance, she goes along with him in the passenger seat of his SUV, and Salim is enamored by her magnificence. He is in the end trapped by shooters who attempt to deny him of his ownership. Fortunately for him, he gets away from this just to engage with another woman he meets via online media.

This time he begs Lawal to go with him to keep away from comparative possibility. Lawal decays and he goes to see the alleged excellent young lady. Salim leaves in disillusionment as meets a monstrous young lady all things being equal.

The kids are seen declaring esteem for every one of the accounts handed-off to them by Ummi as they anticipate daddy’s appearance.

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