How to score high in the post UTME examination 2021/2022

score high in the post utme
score high in the post UTME

How to score high in the post UTME examination? well in this article today we will discuss something every aspiring student wants to know.

We all know that the UTME examination is approaching and most candidates have read and are still reading while a few others are still waiting till it a week before their exams.

I have written something like this some time on How to Prepare and pass jamb, and on today’s article, I will want to reference from that part, so if you have not seen that post follow the link and take a look at it.

Post-UTME is the final step for every aspiring candidate into their choice of institution and this exam is held by the institution which is called their Screening test.

The reason this exam is been held is that the school wants to screen out the qualified candidates that will be admitted into their institution, so before they set out the exam, they make sure there is a cutoff mark which is called the universities cutoff.

Candidates who are below these cutoff marks won’t be eligible or qualified for this examination, note that the cutoff marks are determined by your jamb score.

If a school like UNN (University of Nigeria) sets their general cut-off mark as 200, what they mean is that candidate that scores 200 and above can apply for the test.

Also, know that this school still has what is called a departmental cutoff mark, these cutoff marks are set for departments in the school, which generally means if your course is medicine and surgery, the university has set their cutoff mark to 290 or more.

We need to understand all these things so we can form a strategy to score high in our post UTME examination.

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How to score high in the post UTME

We will look into the easiest ways to make sure we score high in our UTME.

Requirements and Qualifications:

This is the most important, every candidate want to go to that big and nice school, or probably go to a place far from home, and meet their friend, and feel comfortable.

That’s nice, but we should also know that time waits for nobody if your jamb result doesn’t qualify you to apply for the test you better go for the change of course in that institution.

you won’t be admitted if you are not qualified, don’t make blind prayers, make sure you pass the school cutoff mark before registration

Change of course and institution:

This sub-heading should be part of the requirements and qualifications but am breaking things down. Don’t be scared of changing course or institution except you want are ready to sit for another year.

Change of course and institution will be ongoing before the Aptitude test will commence, so just know that you can do a change of course now.

If you have a low score in jamb but you are still qualified for the UTME test in that institution, please make sure you check last year’s departmental cut-off mark for that course in your institution.

for a candidate that was not able to make it to the school cut-off mark, don’t feel reluctant about it, or do you want to write next year again? probably your parent wants you to go to that particular school, I understand it alright, but if you can still make changes, other schools are willing to accept candidates like you with lower marks, am talking of universities.

Note federal schools are tough so mind the way you bring low scores to their desk.

Pattern of Reading

Most candidates feel like those students wearing eyeglasses are the most intelligent, no it is not true most of them just have eye defects. your reading pattern is okay as far as you are paying must attention while reading.

If I say there’s a supernatural way of reading that’s a lie, I can only say some people devote more time to read and study, I won’t lie reading is hard and boring but am not making you feel relaxed, you have to read for your exam.

the only tips I will be list down should help your reading ability.

  • Make sure you read with past question
  • Make sure you dont spend longer time or days over one subject
  • Note you only have but one subjects, and depending on the institution your score per questions varies but just know some questions misght just have 5 marks or so.
  • Don’t buy many textbooks if you have only two months to the exams rather buy PASTQUESTION with solutions.
  • There’s one more thing that can help you really fine, study your JAMB past question from 2005 very well.

so many more things tho, but these are the most important.


This is like a change of course but not an institution, this is where you have to switch to another course once you notice that your average score after the Post UTME test can’t qualify you for admission.

Let’s take a look at this scenario where a guy aspiring for mechanical engineering scored 260 in JAMB and 198 in post UTME and you should be asking me while 198, is post UTME that hard than jamb? no jamb is more difficult but post-UTME is tricky and their mark per question is really big.

so his average score is 229 and didn’t make it to their cut-off mark (250), he rushed for a supplementary for computer statistics, and he got admission.

supplementary it is like a second chance for the candidate to gain admission.

Information and updates:

Lastly, make sure you don’t forget the internet while trying to study, the best place to get information is from your school portal.

Make sure you get all the information you need as you are going through the process and always visit naijaeduruns to get more info.


Hope this article was helpful to you, if you have any questions, just drop them in the comment section below.

Good luck with your exams

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