Must know to gain 2022 Admission

Must know to gain 2022 Admission

Just like other years, admission has never been easy, it either depends on your connection, your excellent result or you are just lucky. Most students are the cause of their downfall and they don’t know because they never made the right decision to research better.

This article will put you on the right path and guide you on so many things, though the 2021 jamb results were not too good as many students also denied their results saying it was altered.

As we all know so many schools reduced their cut-off mark for their UTME including federal schools such as UNN, students above 160 can go for their Post UTME.

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Must know to gain 2022 Admission

Must know to gain 2022 Admission is for a candidate who did well in their post UTME and don’t have much knowledge

However, a few other students made high scores in their JAMB, this article is for both students and I will help you and I recommend you to read this article when you are less busy so as to take note either for your child, sibling, or even yourself.

Why you must link your email to JAMB portal?

The reason Why you must link your email to JAMB portal is that you may not be admitted if you don’t link your email to the JAMB portal. if you have not, make sure your click here to do so.

Well, the reason they want your email linked to their portal is that they want every candidate to have their own individual account to the JAMB portal, where you can access your JAMB caps, print your jamb admission letter, and do more just like other years.

Read the full article below!

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If you have successfully linked your email, you did a great job, you now have a jamb account for 2021.

Upload Waec/Neco to your JAMB Portal

Here, I will show you how to purchase a new scratch card pin, there’re so many places you can purchase a Waec/Neco scratch pin even in the bank. but I want to show you how you can do all this without leaving your home.

Candidates should endeavor to upload their WAEC/NECO results if they make any mistake or upload a fake result, which may lead to your disqualification.

Alert: Say NO to WAEC/NECO Result upgraders on Whatsapp group and other platforms.

Note: Candidate should go to an Accredited CBT centre to UPLOAD your WAEC/NECO result

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If your Waec result seems poor and may lead to your disqualification, make sure you check your Neco. I made a comprehensive article on how to check your NECO and WAEC results, if you are among those students that haven’t checked, make sure you read the recommended articles below.

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