How To Identify Fake Job Offers And Interview 2022

How To Identify Fake Job Offers And Interview

Nobody wants to waste their time on something that’s not legit these days, especially when it comes to chasing a career, job, or something tangible. Today in this article, we will talk about ways you can identify fake job offers and interview and why people still offer such jobs out.

Giving out Fake jobs never started today, I almost got into something similar to that some time ago. I will be showing ways and tips you can use to avoid fake jobs.

Just like gaining fake admission into an institution, sometimes people submit their job application to the wrong person in a company and then after that you are given a job and assured that you are staff in the company, in some cases, you’ll work for a salary of 50k and you will be given 20k and while in other cases you will work for straight 3months without earning salary due to the demand and your interest towards the job and fake promises attached to it.

After having to wait for months with diligence, now you can’t hold it back anymore, so you decided to break out and meet the manager or bursary dept, only to notice that your letter never got to the manager, and your name is not listed on the payroll.

If you’ve been working the company has no idea about you. At this point, you are frustrated, if you’re a Ma, you should drowning in tears right now.

Anyways your letter is in the secretary office, and now you got there, the secretary is feeling exhausted to go through the whole applications in search of yours, so she ends the whole drama with “Ma/sir, we can’t figure out your application, it will be better if you write another application immediately”.

You see, this happens always, every day, every time, you’ve to be careful before you accept a job and start working to avoid being devasted and wasting your months doing nothing.

How To Identify Fake Job Offers And Interview

Before you work in a company or sit in an office, you should’ve gone through someone, either the head of your department or through someone else. When you meet them, there are a few questions you are being asked like what’s your name? where do you live or where are you from? What is your skillset level with this job? and other unbelievable questions.

If you went through all those questions then you just did an interview, depending on the kind of job interview varies and sometimes you need to submit some required documents like WAEC/NECO result.

So these are the few ways you can identify a fake job:

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Which company do you want to work for?

This part is the most important. we see many adverts on street, ads on websites, and more, all promising to grant you a job with an attractive payment, only for you to apply and be willing to work. Not bad at all.

Before you consider a job make sure the company is known around your society, it may not be a big company but make sure the company can pay you and others are working there too.

Make research by asking different people, if you are good with the internet, make sure you ask google about the job before taking any further steps.

Were you given any requirements?

Sometimes this is optional, but for office jobs, it is a must, either you are required of a letter or documents with the application attached to it. Either way, you must be required of some documents or applications before you can apply.

Were you giving an interview?

Yes, this should be among the steps, if you’re not giving an interview and you just started working, maybe someone who you don’t even know just says ‘Are you Mrs who? okay, you can start work now or tomorrow? Please, don’t start any job.

Make sure, you speak with your interviewer and get interviewed, during this interview, depending on your job make sure you know how to pass an interview.

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What was the environment like?

If you’re invited to come work in a company, there are things you are expecting to see, and once you are not seeing them my dear just decline the job and leave.

Imagine applying for a computer operator or secretary position in a university and then when you got an invitation for an interview, you were taken to a classroom.

Make sure the environment matches a lot with what you applied for, and the company should also be active.

Were you given an appointment letter?

If you were not given an appointment letter, please don’t work, appointment letter should be the only thing you need to sue the company or query them if you have not been paid salary after 1month of working.

After the interview, if you’re invited then you should be given an appointment letter, if you were not given an appointment letter then you should request one.

Make sure your name is listed on the payroll?

If you can meet the bursary department, make sure you confirm that your name is on the payroll, only that way you can confirm if you are ready for the job or not.


These are the important ways you can identify a faker job offer or interview. I hope this article was helpful, check out more of our related posts.

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