how to Prepare and pass jamb in 21 days

Today’s article is quite funny but it really possible, what you have to do first is to finish reading this article. this article is going to take you through the quickest way on how to prepare and pass jamb in 21 days. yes, you heard me right.

The few tips we are going to give you will be enough for you to prepare for the upcoming jamb examination. the main reason while most candidates end up not having time to prepare is due to lack of information about the jamb registration while others are working while chasing the education but if you are a candidate and you have you are done with registration and you are not reading, probably you are waiting for 21 days from now, just understand that a proverb says “God helps those who help themselves” well even though you still that kind of candidate there’s no problem with that at all we still have tips for you.

Do you really want to prepare and pass Jamb in 21 days, the following tips will help you achieve that:

  1. Study with full understanding
  2. Don’t Read Big Materials.
  3. Use Past Questions
  4. Read And Revise.

we will easily explain to you this four steps.

Study with full understanding:

Jamb is now very close, you do not need to pay attention to every detail. As you read, pick out the important points and neglect the rest. This will improve the rate at which you cover topics in the jamb syllabus.

Stories in the textbook are to make you feel more comfortable and as well make the text interesting. They do not come out in the exam.

read the things that are important and takedown keypoint. for example, if you are reading a topic in a chemistry textbook, you don’t need to read about the overviews, what you need are the most important things. if you can remember some topic like acid and base, you don’t need to read it just follow up with past questions on that topic it will take you through all the necessary questions and more.

Now you may be asking what if I don’t have time to read the English novel, well simple just look for a 100 question summary on that novel. well, it also depends if you are a voracious reader then why don’t you make use of your night and less busy time, take the novel to where you work when you are less busy read it up. what you need to understand about the novel is the storyline and who is acting and what role is the person playing.

also read: Summary on life changer.

if things are getting to complicated for you while don’t you read the next sub-heading on this article.

Don’t Read Big Materials:

Here is where most student get confused about what to do. if you are a jamb candidate, jamb has given you a syllable to follow, one thing is for sure, you can’t read all the whole topics on physics talk more of understanding them, when you read a topic after 24hrs only 0.1% of that topic you can remember other knowledge are key points.

Don’t bring out the whole four subject textbook and read. start with the ones you know, for me i love to start with physics and chemistry before going into mathematics, while i do that is because chemistry is kindof my best subject to grasp fast.

read topics that gives you issues in examination and not ones that you know. this reason will lead us to our next topic .

Use Past Questions:

Welcome on board. The fastest way to prepare and score very high in Jamb is the use of Jamb past questions. Get the past questions for your four Jamb subjects and study along with them.

Start solving past questions from the year 2005. Make sure you solve and understand everything. You should be able to solve and understand 8 years past questions within a week and two days.

Consult Google or your textbook for any question that is not clear. This is funny,  but you will have to cram what refuses to enter.

Generally, you don’t have to cram past questions. Try as much as possible to get the full picture.

As simple as this may be, it is capable of making you score 350+. Follow these guidelines and you will surely come back to testify. Mark my words.

the last but not the least will give us a full push to get really prepared for our examination

Read And Revise:

read like you are gonna write the exam tomorrow.

You don’t have to take chances, your time is really limited the best option for you is to push and stretch as bad as you can make sure you don’t stress yourself on something that’s not worth reading then lastly use one week to revise on what you’ve read. now you may be asking should I start from the textbook? don’t try it, it will scatter all that you have gathered, make sure while reading makes sure you keep a clean summary and key point of everything you are reading, don’t make it look scattered in different notes, do all your stuff in one notebook, then at the very end you can use them to warm up your brains on things that you have forgotten.

Note: You don’t only study Jamb’s past questions because they would be repeated word-for-word. You study past questions so as to operate at the same frequency as Jamb. That’s to say, it makes you attain Jamb standard and no question surprises you in the hall.

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