How to Create Gmail Account for jamb 2021/2022

Creating a Gmail account is as simple as reading ABC if you are having issues creating a Gmail account for jamb then keep on reading this article as we walk you through the steps involved in creating of a Gmail account.

Why do you need a mail Account for jamb

Why do you need money before you can make your hair in a salon, well it simple to understand this days that having a mail is important before proceeding in any online activities. Jamb need your mail for verification and security purposes, but it mainly used to verify their candidate during registration, change of course and institution, checking your results and it serves so many purposes, so it best you use a valid email.

we have different type of mail provider and we will just look at one today and that’s gmail, now i know you will be asking questions like why can’t we make use of other mail like yahoo mail, outlook mail, and so more. Our reason is because this post is strictly diving into How to Create Gmail Account for jamb, you can comment below if you want us to make an article on other mail like yahoo and etc.

Note: jamb won’t allow old mail account because that candidate has been registered in the database

Quick Steps to create a gmail account.

Before we jump into listing out these steps, i want us to know something about gmail.

  • Gmail is fast and reliable in a way that you can use it for any registration
  • Gmail is most website choice, like twitter, linkenden and more websites even some mobile phone uses google as their primary account.
  • Gmail is own by google so when you have one account with google you have access to chrome, youtube, PlayStore, yes PlayStore you can’t download from PlayStore without a gmail account logged into it.
Without any further ado lets dive into seeing those simple steps in creating your Gmail account.
  1. Open your favorite browser ex. Chrome, firefox, microsoft explorer, opera mini on you desktop. Note if you are making use of your phone for this process, it absolutely fine, but don’t use opera mini due to browser compatibility better still use chrome, phoenix or firefox etc, but i prefer chrome because it really compatible and cool and does one thing special stuff, it automatically sync you to all google owned application as listed previously.
  2. Click the browser address bar and search for to open the page. Note if you have an existing account try to logout, or click the above link.
  3. fill in your first name, lastname and others, make sure you use a password and username that you can easily remember, you can probably use your mobile number as password and your nickname or first name but since you are not the only one bearing john, is it not better you mix it up with some good numbers like john4364 or google cool suggestions below.
  4. Up to this point we have been filling up our details and making sure we are using a valid username.
  5. We need a valid phone number that we can currently get confirmation code immediately it is sent, you can make use of this current one on your phone now.
  6. After validation, agree to google policies By ticking the checkbox below and you are a way to creating a Gmail account
  7. Wait while google sign you in automatically, and now you can make good use of your account for jamb

I know by now this article has serve a good purpose to you, you can now use the created gmail ( for your registration and also for other stuffs.


if you have been following this article up on How to Create Gmail Account for jamb to this point, i know by now you have a gmail account ready for use, but if you have issues still creating one lets us know in the comment section below.

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