How to check my jamb caps for admission

Have you been having issues checking your jamb caps well you are on the right article, just read on while we explain down How to check my jamb caps for admission? Starting from the last two years (2017/2018 session), all schools were instructed by JAMB to upload their admission list on the JAMB CAPS portal before uploading it on the school’s website. 

Some jamb candidates have been worried as they do find it difficult to check their admission status on the JAMB CAPS Portal especially with their smartphones (mobile phones).

we have diluted research that will proffer a solution to this problem. Yea we found a lasting solution, and we will be sharing it with you.

How to check my jamb caps for admission

Important: You must use a google chrome browser for the steps below to work perfectly

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Enter your log-in details in the appropriate space. Make sure you entered the correct login-in details..

Step 3: You will see a welcome notice just move down on the page you will see “check Admission Status on CAPS“. For those using a desktop., just click on admission status and click the search near your Reg number to view your admission status.

Step 4: click on Access my CAPS

Check if your O’level has been uploaded

if you want to check if your O’level result has been uploaded then from the diagram above take this few steps.

  • Visit
  • Make sure you log in with your email and jamb password then proceed.
  • Scroll down then locate and click the ‘Check Admission Status‘ tab.
  • Then click on Admission Status
  • You should then click on check admission status or
  • Click on Access my CAPS.
  • Then click on admission status
  • You will either see admission in progress check back later, or NOT ADMITTED, or CONGRATULATIONS..

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Explanation of some Jamb Caps Admission terms

NOT ADMITTED YET: this should be the first thing you see while you are waiting for jamb admission that doesn’t mean you haven’t gotten admission It simply implies that you haven’t been considered for Provisional Admission yet. So you need to keep checking consistently alright? Kindly note that you should not quit checking until affirmation for 2021/2022 is finished.

ADMISSION IN PROGRESS: If you are getting something like this on your jamb caps just start having 98% of assurance that you have been admitted at this point you should keep on checking because the congratulation message is close, this means that you have high chances of getting admission. you should consider yourself admitted already because it will definitely change only in a few unheard cases have the otherwise happened. according to the jamb, they said, “the candidate has been recommended for admission and only undergoing processing”.

CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED PROVISIONAL ADMISSION: It changes to this only a couple of days or likely hours after it showed “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS”. This implies that you have been considered for confirmation and you need to “Acknowledge/REJECT”.

This is one reason not to get too excited, calm down and accept your admission before the celebration. Over excitement can lead you to reject the very admission you have been hoping for and that action is nearly irreversible.

we hope and pray to have you been admitted to your dream school.


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hey amigo be happy now, because you have just started chasing your dreams.

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