Check out: How to buy your Waec result pin without hassle

Easy steps to check your waec result

Do you want to know how to buy your Waec result pin without hassle? You have been looking for an article like this, I know you don’t want to get into the hands of scammers, if it is even possible you will love to do it yourself.

This article will show you all you need to know and what you need to buy your pin and check your result.

Every WAEC Candidate out there was given a card during their examination that bears their full name, exam number, and other details, Some candidates end up misplacing their own card after the examination, while others have used up their card, The Waec scratch card has only 5 trial.

Here, I will show you how to purchase a new scratch card pin, there’re so many places you can purchase a Waec scratch pin even in the bank. but I want to show you how you can do all this without leaving your home.

Have you heard of Remita? well, you may have probably come across it if you have done any school online payment yourself.

Buying your Waec result check pin is reliable with Remita, don’t get me wrong I never said they are the best but at least they are reliable and trustworthy and I have used their services so much and they won’t fail you.

Before I guide you on this, I believe not every person uses the computer or the internet better, so we still offer you our assistance, all you have to do is to contact us.

If you want our assistance, comment below or send us a message on our whatsapp contact

Our number is 08137768102, no flashing please! SMS is allowed or you can also send a message on whatsapp.

This process won’t cost you any fee, you just have to pay for the token.

How to buy your Waec result pin without hassle

Firstly, you need to have your requirement available, for those who don’t have a Gmail account or can’t access the account any longer, please make sure you create one since it will be needed for this process.

Recommended: This process can be done on any device including your mobile phone.

Head over to their website, You can also purchase your GCE result checker pin on Remita. They also offer you other interesting services like Buying data, Buying Airtime and so many other services.

  1. Click on this Link
  2. Provide in your Name of service, Amount To Pay, Select currency, Payer’s name, Payer Phone, Payer Email
    • How to buy your Waec result pin without hassle
  3. Submit the form once you are done.
  4. This process will cost you 2000 naira, make sure you are able to recieve OTP message from your bank.
  5. Head over to your email account you provided while filling the form.
  6. Once you have gotten an email from remita, click on the mail you should see something like this “You can click here to preview or download your invoice”
  7. Click on it, you will find your WAEC scratch card pin and serial number.

If you find this process hard we can assist you, if have successfully done this, congratulation, head over to the next step.

Do you know you can also check your Neco result?

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How to check my WAEC result with the new WAEC pin

Just like checking your result the normal way this pin is just a ticket that has only 5 trials, if it gets exhausted then the ticket is no longer useful anymore.

We made a comprehensive article on Easy steps to check your waec result in 2021, you can read on that.

  • Quickly head over to WAEC result checker
  • Provide your Exam year, Exam number.. etc
  • Make sure you provide your valid details for all this field.
  • From your email sent to you by remita, you will see your serial number and the pin you purchased.
  • Input your new serial number and pin.
  • You can now submit your details to check your result.

Congratulation, you have checked your WAEC result successfully.


Have you checked your WAEC result?

Hope this article helped you a lot, if you have any difficulties you can comment below and tell us how we may assist you.

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