WhatsApp group links for waec candidates in Ghana

Ghana waec WhatsApp group links

Ghana WAEC WhatsApp group links. “Yaa anua“, The long and awaiting WAEC is around the corner, and their candidates are almost prepared for the upcoming WAEC examination. this article is not only for Ghanian candidates but for every WAEC candidate at large and every student/candidate should know that the examination is coming up on 9th May 2022.

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Here at naijaeduruns, we make sure we take every student in West Africa along, and here in this blog that’s what with do. if you are a waec candidate looking for help to pass your waec examination or a group where you can have interactions with other students around your location, then here you are, continue reading.

Please only serious student who is ready to do anything for their success should be on this blog, but if you are looking for something free, then am afraid it is not here.

Note here at naijaeduruns you pay at an affordable price and we also refund back to our candidates that got theirs late especially when we are at fault, but they barely happen, we make sure we get to our subscribers as early as possible.

we build a good relationship with our subscribers, so even if you fear subscribing or you don’t have money just know that you can also join the group cause most times we drop answers in the public group, subjects like civic, animal husbandry, sometimes we drop answers and hour to the exam for free.

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How do i subscribe to the group?

Yes, you subscribe for free; it is as simple as joining a WhatsApp group, some groups are already filled up, but we update the links, so if you come into the group and noticed that you are the only one just have patience with other candidates are joining soon, just like you reading this post.

We have only 2 subscription

  1. DIRECT MOBILE (through SMS)
  2. WhatsApp Messages

NOTE: WhatsApp messages are the fastest means and cheapest to subscribe to.

WhatsApp messages come with pictures and virtual explanations, if you get a mobile phone that runs WhatsApp it is faster.

Direct Mobile is no joke because we have to literally type everything down and do a bulk Message to all our candidates and it is the most expensive and slow means.

But it is still worth subscribing to the path to success is full of struggles. without further Ado, let me list down our affordable price.

This is both for Waec, Neco, GCE, etc, and note all currencies here are in Ghana cedis


*All arts subjects 100.24 Ghanaian Cedi

*All science + practicals subjects 150.78 Ghana cedi

*All science subjects only 100.24 Ghanaian Cedi

*All practical subjects only 58.16Ghanaian Cedi

*All commercial subjects 57.24Ghanaian Cedi


*All arts subjects 94.51Ghanaian Cedi

*All science + practicals subjects 152.67Ghanaian Cedi

*All science subjects only 94.51Ghanaian Cedi

*All practical subjects only 72.70Ghanaian Cedi

*All commercial subjects 87.24Ghanaian Cedi

Note: Answers come midnight before the exam for those that subscribe earlier.


*MATH OR ENGLISH 14.54 Ghanaian Cedi


If you’re subscribing for all subjects and practicals, note the prices are in Ghana’s cedis currency.

Please drop your name and 9 subjects before payment then your contact will be saved
Name- Aisha Abdulai.
Subjects:- 9 subjects that you’re offering.

And send screenshot after payment

After payment, you’ll be added to our VIP group*


Follow up the link now and join the Group


Hope this article was helpful for those candidates writing WAEC in Ghana, if you have questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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