Enjoy 1.5GB for N300 7days on airtel 100% Working

Enjoy 1.5GB for N300 7days on airtel

Airtel users, I have big goodies for you today, do you know you can enjoy 1.5GB for N300 7days on airtel, just like other networks airtel is one of the biggest networks out there, you can unleash the true power of airtel.

This article will not only focus on 1.5GB for N300 but we will dive into other airtel data cheat, just like MTN, airtel decided to offer their users the same thing and even the best.

Make sure you stay up with this page as we load you with more ogbonge free data cheat codes from airtel.

Don’t you want to watch youtube videos at a low cost, whether you like it or not there are trends stuff coming up all day, you can’t subscribe to N1000 for 1.5GB every week while Airtel has already provided a better way to enjoy their products?

We will make it as simple as possible for you to follow these steps, and you can easily start surfing at a low rate.

This post or guide is only meant for Airtel users but other users can still read on since you can have multiple sims on your phone and you may decide to use one of them for beautiful things like this.

The code will not work on other networks since it is not built for any other network except airtel, check similar things like this on our other posts.



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Enjoy 1.5GB for N300 7days on airtel

Follow this step carefully, if you know the code but you are not eligible to make use of it don’t worry we will talk about it in the next subtitle.

Follow the guidelines:

  • Go to your phone dial pad, make sure you have N300 on you airtel line
  • Simply dial *141*2425#  to get 1.5GB for 300 on airtel

You should expect a notification message in a short time, this tells you that your subscription is either successful or not.

If it was successful, congratulation you have gotten access to 1week of data, make sure you enjoy it anyhow you want it since it works on everything such as downloading, browsing and even more.

You may not be eligible, make sure you check your balance before you conclude that you are not eligible.

How to get eligible for the Airtel 1.5GB plan

Not every user is eligible, I don’t know the reason while, but I know one trick that can help you. As much as you love using airtel and you still want to keep up with them, and you are having these issues, don’t worry I will help you fix your issues.

I have two working methods, note we are not communicating with airtel for this method, so there’s no USSD code to solve this issues, airtel did not restrict you on purpose, it might have been due to some issues, maybe the computer did not figure out your sim because the sim is not yet eligible.

You may abandon your sim for a long period, it works, at least if not for Airtel, it works for MTN same method will work on any sim too.

you may consider changing sim maybe, sorry I don’t mean changing your current sim, card, what I meant was getting a new sim card or you can do welcome back on your current sim.

I think welcome back works well, but it is not worth the risk of losing your unsaved contact and messages because it is not 100% proof that it will work, rather you can just get a new airtel sim and try it.

Anyways, I advise you to have two registered airtel sims and expect that one day it will work on either of them.

Related N300 Plans on Airtel

There are other plans like the 1.5GB for N300, and in this article, we will also show you how to access them too.

You may even have to subscribe at a high rate for the same plan but different data volume, check out this first one:

1.5GB For N500 Airtel

This data bundle is different from the N300 subscription data plan since their data volume and usage are different, you can compare them.

  • To subscribe to this one just simply *141*505# to activate right away.

After your activation, you will get a notification of a successful process.

200mb For N50 Airtel

The data volume may not be as big as you thought, but I do subscribe to this sometimes especially when am not ready to subscribe to this, I will choose it over the 50 naira daily subscription.

Just like other steps:

  • Simply dial dial *141*54# to subscribe to the 200MB for N50 plan.

You will get a notification on your mobile phone in seconds.

How do you check your 1.5GB For N300 data blance

How do you check your data balance after a long run of usage, it is also simple just like checking a normal data balance, but will just have to simply change the digits?

Simply dial *140# to check your data balance, including bonuses


Hope you have subscribed?

Well, I know this article was also helpful if you care about this article and you want us to make of this let me know how you feel and your questions on it.

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