Why is my data running out so fast on Andriod?

Why is my data running out so fast on Andriod

Have you ever wondered, why is my data running out so fast on Andriod? Do you want to learn how to reduce data usage on android? This article is meant for those suffering from excessive data usage running on the mobile phone background.

We will specifically focus on Andriod phone in this post, since the issue is more rising there, you will learn simple steps to reduce data usage on Andriod.

The reason your data is reducing so fast is that there are so many things running up in the phone background you don’t know about and these things eat up your data so fast and annoying.

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How to reduce Data usage on Android

Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Whatsapp, name them plus game applications, These apps send notifications and updates automatically. Like WhatsApp and Telegram, images and videos autoplay and download once you hit on it.

First of all, You have to know how many apps run on your phone, keeping useless applications on your mobile phone is not good for the phone’s health.

There are a lot of things that reduce our data on daily basis, Follow up this guide carefully let me put you through.

You have to always be mind full of the kind of update you accept on your phone, most updates will eat up your data because they automatically do everything in the background without you even knowing.

We will have to take this step by step because we want to turn off everything on the phone and leave the important ones.

Turning off your all notifications and background data is not good, I know you are trying to save data but some notifications from WhatsApp should be important to you.

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How to turn off your auto-updates on Google play store

Do you know how much data your play store eats up during updates? if you have over 20 – 50 installed applications your data will finish up quickly due to the updates.

This is due to the auto-updates running in the google play store and this runs in the background. If you want to solve this issue just follow up on these steps.

  • Visit the google play store app >> At the top right corner, click that icon with the first letter of your name.
  • Once the modal pops up click on settings >> Click on Network preference
  • Set Auto-update apps on Auto update apps over Wi-Fi only
  • Follow this image below.
Why is my data running out so fast on Andriod

The above image is a simple setting on how to ensure that play stores don’t reduce your data anymore.

How to Manage data usage on social media

Just like the way we did in the play store, we will set up some data usage preferences, note, we won’t do it on every social media application but at least two or three applications will be enough to guide you

Note: Using the Lite version an application can help save data too.

How to manage data usage on whatsapp

  • On your whatsap go to settings >> click Storage and data >> toggle on Use less data for calls.
  • Set photo upload quality to auto (recommended), i prefer auto(recommended), but you can as well use Data saver.
  • While on media auto download set the following:
    • set when using mobile data to Photos
  • Follow the image below
Why is my data running out so fast on Andriod

The above image is a simple setting on how to ensure that Whatsapp doesn’t reduce your data anymore.

How to manage data usage on Facebook

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Facebook has been known as a data consumer though the easiest way to run away from it is to make use of Facebook Lite.

Facebook lite provides all the visual context in low features, there are no video autoplay and high-quality pictures and even the look on Facebook lite looks limited.

But that won’t stop me from using the original Facebook, I have a way of turning off things I don’t want on the original Facebook.

The original Facebook gives a lot of joy, take a look at the UI, and the accessibility, the page works fine without reloading on every click just like the lite version.

Facebook auto-plays their videos, which we will take care of, we will also learn to turn off uploads on HD quality.

  • On Facebook go to settings & privacy >> click on settings >> Under preferences click on media
  • Make sure your settings looks like the one on the image below
  • Note this setting was done on the original facebook.
Why is my data running out so fast on Andriod

We won’t continue like this, we can’t keep showing you how to turn off things like this on every social media rather we will set simple steps just like the one above.

If you are making use of Instagram or TikTok note there are all the same settings, just visit their settings and figure it out, or comment below.

For active telegram users, make sure you visit your settings >> click on data and storage, the below image should be your normal settings for data and storage unless you are advanced enough to decide how you want it.

Why is my data running out so fast on Andriod

Just like that you can go to all social media settings and make changes to them

How to turn off data background usage on every Application

This should be the most important part you all should be waiting for, if you read up to this very line then congratulations it’s time we restrict the phone from eating up our data.

Firstly, follow this guide carefully since we are not using any third-party app to assist you to turn off the background data usage, we will be doing it manually from our mobile settings.

Every phone comes with different settings, so make sure you figure it out on your side.

  • Go to setting on your mobile phone
  • Go to network and internet or look for data usage.
  • click on App data usage
  • once you click that, you will see all your listed application
  • click on the first application
  • turn off the background data
  • Go to facebook, youtube, instagram and turn off their background data or unrestricted data usage
  • Make sure you turn off as much apps as you want.
Why is my data running out so fast on Andriod

For easy access to App data usage, click on the setting search input field and search for data …, check out what the search brought back before completing the word.

Why is my data running out so fast on Andriod

You can turn off the most important thing now and watch what happens when you subscribe next time, if you were unable to do it please comment below.

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I know I have taught you how to easily manage your data, make your comment on how feel about this article.

Hope this article was really helpful, make sure you comment below

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