Code to get 24GB for 3,500 on MTN using 121

Code to get 24GB
Code to get 24GB

Are you looking for an MTN cheat code for extra data or should I say do you want to know the Code to get 24GB for 3,500 on MTN using 121

In this article, we will show you how to get 24GB for 3,500 Naira and also 9GB for 2000 Naira. This method only works for MTN users that are legible. Yes, you have to be legible to use the USSD code.

This subscription includes youtube night, and a data bonus, though it is a bit expensive it is worth subscribing to, you will enjoy a full month with data non-stop on your phone (depends on your usage but it serves better).

However, they might be issues facing this, most MTN users are not eligible for this due to some reason but don’t worry we will show you all you need to know in this article.

Everything you need to know about *121#

As I said earlier most users are not eligible for this, and this is not because their sim card has issues but MTN made this code as a bonus for Welcome back users and some other reasons which won’t be covered in this article.

Some people go as far as getting a new sim card but fortunately, it seems to work while for others it doesn’t.

Most of us know about *131*65#, similar to this one, but *131*65# stopped working for a long time but to some users, it still works.

If you have tried numerous times and it not working for you and whenever you attempt you get a prompt like “Service is temporarily unavailable”, you should try getting a new sim or just keep cracking the egg.

lol, I don’t mean you should buy an egg, what I meant by cracking eggs was using the MTN mobile app which has this MEGA DEAL ZONE feature where you can crack eggs to get amazing bonuses.

One more thing to note is that most MTN users may not get 24GB at the moment, some users may start from 1GB, 1.5GB for 200, 300 naira, but the more you keep using the code, you will have more chances of getting bigger data.

Note: it not guaranteed that it will work for everyone out there, but for majority, yes it works

Code to get 24GB for 3,500 on MTN using *121#

Note: This article works better for users in nigerians, i don’t how if it works well for other countries like ghana.

Follow these steps below:

Firstly, make sure you’ve tried using the code to see if it works for you if it’s working but you are not getting 24GB for 3,500 just know it’s a normal thing and with time it gets better.

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  1. Make sure you download the MyMTN mobile application on your android phone from play store
  2. After download, sign into the app, scroll down to quick access.
  3. Make sure you have 3500 on your MTN account
  4. Click on the MEGA DEAL ZONE box
  5. You will see images of eggs, click on Data4ME or TopDeal4ME
    • Code to get 24GB
  6. Click any of this and if you unable to this it simply means you are not eligible.
  7. But if you are lucky to any of this then proceed to the next steps
  8. If everything went successfull you will have this screen below
    • Code to get 24GB

Note this option changes sometimes, you may not get 24GB but anyways enjoy whatever you got with time it will get stable.

This package will only work once you have money on your MTN line, you can also make use of the USSD pattern, it is also easy to use.

  1. Dial *121# and just the the mobile app choose the Data4ME option
  2. You can choose the plan you want and after that just accept it that’s all.

MTN *121# not working

It is working, just know that the code works for only eligible users, and take note you cant make yourself eligible unless you do a welcome back, am not saying you should do a welcome back.

but if it’s not working for you just get a new sim and stop turning on your data on the old one for some time at least one month will be fine. you may be lucky because there’s a 70% of chance that your new sim can still do it.

In conclusion

I know this article was helpful, expect more tricks coming up on this site on all networks, we have more intriguing stuff you will love. Our comment section is available below and you can ask us any related questions.

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