if you are about to read this article on BEST WAYS TO SCORE VERY HIGH IN JAMB EXAMINATION that means you are aspiring for a university or you have a sibling or child who is about to take the 2021/2022 JAMB examination. if this is your second sitting and you are tired of writing or sitting for next year examination like this, of course, nobody wants to keep repeating examination like jamb, so if you have been browsing the internet all this while because you are scared, and you don’t want to rewrite jamb again, why don’t you sit down and relax while I tell you a little story about myself.

After I graduated from secondary school (2016) as a science student in Owerri (Baptist high school), Maths, chemistry, and biology were my best subject, so I had so much belief in scoring very high in the UTME examination even though I was pressured by my friends, seniors, parents saying things like, why don’t you apply for a jamb lesson program, do you know jamb is very hard, do you know your course of choice is difficult to get, check this institute don’t you know that institute you applied for doesn’t give admission easily? Buh then having so much belief in myself, I refuse to give them listening ears. well, no much talk I failed jamb that year scoring very low on the exam.

My next jamb examination with the experience am going to share with you below, I scored very high in the utme which amazed people around me and they keep asking me how did you do it, was it a special centre, did you buy this result from jamb it’s self lolz? Well, am writing this to share how I did it, keep reading to know how you will do it too.

without any further ado let me share with you my experience through this article. Scoring high in jamb doesn’t come easy for most UTME candidates. a lot of jamb candidates have been wondering how to score above 250,280,300,350 in the UTME examination. If you are a Jamb candidate and this is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd…time you are writing a UTME exam and you don’t want to repeat UTME examination, you are at the right place and remember jamb is no longer doing 40 marks for any candidate again so don’t expect any if you don’t make it.

4 Steps that will help you score very high in the jamb examination

  • Study wisely: As a jamb candidate that is about to take the UTME exam, studying comes first. Not just study hard but study smartly. And how do you study smartly? You study effectively to prepare for UTME exams by practicing with an old version of the jamb syllabus and previous jamb exams by gathering and studying UTME past questions and answers. Also, it will help you see the format and formulation of the questions and it will be good for you to know what to study. Also, pick up the reading pattern that works well for you. As for me, I like eating while studying to keep me awake and active. So know what best works for you.
  • Self-planning: Self-planning also helps prepare you for the coming examination. you plan by tabling out how to go about your reading activities daily. Below are some examples;
  • Take a calendar, a notebook, and table out the subjects u need to practice.
  • Try to mix your subject to keep your revision fresh.
  • Try as much as you can to go through the utme past questions and answers.
  • Work with time when reading and when solving problems from past questions.
  • If possible, create time to join an extra class for jambites.
  • Revision: Revision helps you to remember facts, figures, and topics that you have covered some time ago. Secondly, If done right, it will help increase your confidence and reduce anxiety – thereby prepare you for your examination.

Below are the method you can use to revise;

  • Decide what you’re going to revise. Look over your jamb syllabus and decide how you’re going to approach your revision.
  • Take your time to go through each subject.
  • Use colored paper or pens to write the key points from each topic into a spider diagram or Jott or whichever way that best works for you.
  • Taking breaks during revision gives the brain a higher chance of remembering what you’ve studied or crammed.
  • Get a good night’s sleep so that you can be able to wake up earlier and accumulate more revision during the daytime.
  • Prayer is our tool to win that battle no matter how prepared and how well we believe we are prepared, we should engage our father’s lord through prayer, to provide us with wisdom and knowledge to read, understand and overcome the battle we are about-face.

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What you need to know before the jamb examination

After being set for the examination, below are the procedures you should use during the

  1. Read the necessary instructions and follow them.
  2. Read the questions slowly, then read them again – it’s all too easy to misread when you are
  3. Start with the subjects you think you can answer best.
  4. Try not to panic if you are unable to answer a question. Move on to the next question and
    come back to that one later.
  5. Avoid examination malpractice so that you won’t be feeling uneasiness during your
    examination and your efforts won’t be terminated when caught in the act.
  6. Try to summit on time before your exam time runs out due to a system error

What you need to know after the jamb examination

This important to note especially if it’s your first, you remember the little story where I told you that I had no idea what was going on, note these steps down so as to not fall into your own demise.

  • Make sure you have a mentor: This is important to note that whenever you engage in things that will be confusing along the way you should always ask for help, you don’t walk into an environment without knowing any place and asking any questions, do you? that’s why you need help from either a teacher lecturer, a senior who is already in school and knows what he’s doing, or your parent (if they are lenient), a friend who has either graduate, because you may never know when and what to do. Do you know you can change your course of study after before postUtme if your jamb score is low, Do you know you can also buy a supplementary form after your post UTME test. well if you do there are still those who don’t have any idea.
  • Always be Updated: If you don’t want to be left out and outdated about your written examination ten don’t get in touch with the internet. am not saying you must have a mobile phone but make sure you keep in touch with POSTUTME update on that particular school you are aspiring for. what if I had a mobile phone? if you do, then make use of your social media (Facebook Whatsapp, and Twitter) well, especially Facebook, try to join groups, not just any group but your aspiring school group, ex: if you are aspiring for UNN just search for “UNN aspiring 2021/2022” something like that will fetch out what you want. always keep in touch with the school website and social media.


Hope this article BEST WAYS TO SCORE VERY HIGH IN JAMB EXAMINATION has taught you something and I know you are ready for this year’s examination with all knowledge of what to do. you are free to make your comments below if there’s any way you want help from us.

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