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After pulling out this article title, I just smiled, well how are you guys today, I am really sorry I barely drop post since this days, well from my author bio y’all know am a web developer and it not really easy running both sides all together so I decided to drop at most 3 articles every week, but am back. well, my title is amazing right “Best WAEC runs in west Africa”, cool.

It’s good to hear that we’ve been doing our best for all of our subscribed candidates and our non-subscribed candidates since 2017. your question should be why are we not heard and who knows naijaeduruns.com, isn’t it a new blog that’s just trying to breathe out? well, you all suggestion is really true, but we have been under the hood, working with social media and then we were known for “education examination runs 20-whatever“, and all our time we have been the best, selling out to other exam runs platforms, but hey we are not here to tell histories about how we began, cause it gonna make you wanna bounce out of this blog (booooring).

The main thing every good candidate out there wants to do is to make their parents proud and also avert retaking the examination by so doing they want the best waec runs, that’s why we are here for you doing the whole run around and connecting to legit individuals which you can’t actually connect to and at the end of the day giving your day a bright smile.

well someone once asked me, isn’t it evil to do examination malpractice? well, guess what I answered the person, ” it’s really bad, very very bad to do examination malpractice, but let me ask you a question, do you rather die on your day to your glory or kill the thing that wants to take your glory from you first?”. if you’re really sure you can handle it on your own, my dear there’s no extra credit to it but bet me if you just have one chance to make all your sufferings go away would you let it slip off, that’s how it’s. read your book, prepare, pray, and backup (runs), if your invigilators are not bothered about the school since you’ve settled them, my dear do your thing comfortably and come out with flying colors.

How do i avoid failing a subject after using the runs

Well, most candidates end up falling into their own demise. examination run is not for the weak or someone that’s not learned enough, though you are not supposed to be a genius or a super-smart person before you can do exam runs, at least don’t be dull.

10 things to do to avoid failing a subject after using the runs

  1. Firstly, Make sure you follow a good platform like this one.
  2. Get the questions and answer at least 3hrs before the examination.
  3. Make sure you have read something about that subject you’re writing.
  4. Learn to understand the runs answer from another perspective and formulate your own.
  5. Dont be a slow writer and keep your handwriting clean.
  6. Mathematics might be an issue to you because, you dont know that “\ * ^ “ is a computer mathematical operators.
  7. Make sure you write your letter on your own at least one .
  8. Dont copy everything you see in the answer.
  9. We are humans, spelling-errors or somethings might not be correct, if you notice such, change it, and inform the group.
  10. Lastly, Use your head, be smart, don’t rush, obey the invigilators.

Waec Runs

Wanna join us, note that the fact you saw free waec runs doesn’t mean that it is free, no, no good thing comes free, do you ask how do we even get the question and answers and still solve them, no matter the subject. that’s it, we also pay for all these good works before they get to your doorstep.

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Hurry now, we are actually doing a free discount for all candidate that are ready to subscribe before the end of august.

Before we subscribe for :

All waec subjects runs: 6,500naira —– New: 4,500naira

All waec practical runs: 4,500naira —– New: 3,500naira

Subscribe Now Before August Ends

Follow the link to join the group, The earlier the better, time waits for nobody, the more you wait the more the time counts down, remember it ends this August.

Dm me directly or call @ 08137768102


Always know that heaven helps those who put effort, join our best waec runs now. any other comments let us know below the comments sections

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