Airtel night plan code for browsing | Get 1.5GB for N50

Airtel night plan code for browsing

Do you want to know the Airtel night plan code for browsing? Get 1.5GB for N50 every night with Airtel night plan code, Airtel is one of the biggest networks that has been doing its best to see that its users enjoy its services.

Just like Airtel 1.5GB for N300 which lasts up to 1 week, Airtel provides a bigger night plan at a low rate for their customers to enjoy.

Are you a worker? or a student? during the daytime, you are busy trying to make ends meet at night you need something to keep your night cozy.

Airtel night plan got you covered, you can enjoy recent music online from 12 am – 5 am, you can also listen to your favorite podcast, download your favorite tv show since the data works on every platform including social media and browsers.

Users have to migrate to a new tariff plan known as Smart Trybe and there you can enjoy the night browsing comfortably. If you don’t know how to migrate to a new tariff plan then simply just dial *312#, with this same code you can also subscribe for the night plan.

Dial *312# >> select 1 to migrate to your new tariff plan >> select 3 for Airtel night plan >> select 1 for 500 GB or select 2 for 1.5 GB.

Note! You have to migrate to Smart Trybe using *312# to activate Airtel night plan

There is another heavy night plan, I know most people want to download software applications with over 1GB, you need a bigger plan for that course.

Airtel 750MB + 1GB YouTube Night for N500

You can also get a youtube night plan for N500 which is valid for 14days. Dial *141*500# to subscribe to this plan.

You can also enjoy other plans like this Airtel 1GB + 1GB YouTube Night for the same price, with N500 you can get this one too, just dial *141*502#. I think this one is a lot better than the first one, you can use anyone, enjoy your youtube night plan.

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How to Subscribe to Airtel night plan code for browsing

With N25, N50, N500, you can hop on any night plan of your choice, like I said earlier, you can’t get this plan without migrating to the Smart Trybe tariff plan.

  • Simply Dial *312# and reply 1 to migrate to Airtel SMART TRYBE.
  • After the migration, a message will be sent to you, head back to your mobile dial pad and dial *312# to subscribe for the night plan.
  • You can select 250MB for N25 or 500MB for N50

For 500MB Airtel night plan data which costs N25 and 1.5GB of Airtel night browsing plan data which costs N50, reply with 3. Make sure you use it before 5 AM, this plan is only valid from 12 AM – 5 AM.

Airtel also offers a weekend plan, which is Saturday and Sunday. Airtel also offers you another chance to subscribe again if your plan gets exhausted at midnight, meanwhile, you can use up to 3GB for N100.

Airtel Midnight cheat [Unlimited midnight plan]

Airtel offers you multiple chances to subscribe all you just have to do is load enough cards on your line and you are good to go.

Once your data gets exhausted, just head back to *312# and request for another night plan which is still valid till 5 PM. Once it’s 5 PM, the night plan will be canceled, note that the activation expires immediately after 5 PM and you can’t use it after that day.

How to check Airtel data balance

You can also check your data balance while surfing to manage your data, just know this will not work for blackberry phones, only android but we will also tell you the one that works for blackberry too.

For android you can dial *141*11*0#, *123*10#, or *141*712*0# and you will see your data balance displayed at once.

For blackberry users, you can also dial *123*9# to see your data balance. there are other ways you can check your data balance but we won’t be covering all that in this article.

You can also send an SMS on android by sending STATUS to 141 while on blackberry, send STATUS to 440


I know I have taught you How to Subscribe to Airtel night plan code for browsing and also how to check Airtel data balance, hope it was helpful.

If you are finding it difficult to do or you are facing any issues at all that’s related to this post make sure you comment below

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